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In 2021, the ÖKOINDUSTRIA trade show and conference is moving to work rooms and offices to make it even more intensive, interactive and green.

The future is green or none. If you agree with this, you should also have a place in the prominent environmental event in the region. Get into picture with the latest research results and developments, make your company and organization activity greener and more sustainable!

Even greener,
even more exciting

For more than a decade, the event organised by the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) has been synonymous with the meeting place for eco-industry companies and managers, experts and entrepreneurs committed to sustainable technologies.

Not even the pandemic could deter us from our mission, on the contrary – it only boosted our determination to create something extraordinary, unique and even greener.

This is how the virtual ÖKOINDUSTRIA has come to life, and now it is offering more intensive and colourful programmes and more active participation than ever. It is also greener, since you can participate from the comfort of your home or office without travelling or increasing the carbon footprint.

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The ÖKOINDUSTRIA is both one of the leading green trade fair of Central Eastern Europe and a series of conferences on such hot topics as green labour, single-use plastic and littering.

Our programmes take place at multiple locations in parallel, so we can offer you a number of events to choose from based on your interests or industry. Online it only takes a few clicks to walk from one event to the next.

The programme is continuously expanding, more details will be upcoming every week. Sign up and make sure not to miss the updates, since we will regularly notify you about everything via e-mail.
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Flagship programmes

Opening ceremony
Dr. Csaba Ágoston, President of Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) | Dr. János Áder President of Hungary | Péter Szijjártó Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade | René Van Hell, Ambassador for the Netherlands
Signing a strategic agreement with HEPA​
(Hungarian Export Promotion Agency)
Keynote speech
Joanna Drake, Deputy Director of the European Commission's Environment Directorate-General


Green Mobility and Lean & Green Conference
Transport and freight is responsible for almost a third of CO2 emissions, is an increasingly important focus of the fight against climate change. Accordingly, one of the European Union's main goals is to reduce CO2 emissions from transport to 60% by 2050 compared to 1990.

Our conference revolves around this issue, presenting the potential of green mobility in the areas of private and public transport, as well as freight and logistics, taking into account the use of environmentally friendly and efficiency-enhancing methods of energy supply.

Virtual expo

professional exhibitors from 10 fields of environmental protection and sustainability, eco-innovation and startup stands, green spaces, discount offers, B2B meetings on

Conferences and programmes

Waste Project closing conference

Illegal municipal waste incineration severely impairs air quality and endangers public health, but our knowledge of the phenomenon is also extremely limited at an international level. The conference will present the results of an international project of the University of Pannonia, which examined the amount, type, health effects and contribution of urban air pollutants in Romania and Hungary during the incineration of various types of household solid waste in domestic combustion plants.
SUP 2021 - Life after disposable plastics

At our event we are looking for answers to the following questions:
 – Does the period leading up to the ban on single-use plastics (SUPs) on 3 July 2021 provide adequate preparation for industry?
 – What are the possible product substitutes and alternatives?
 – Does the issue really only concern material types?

Innovation stage

presentations about the latest developments and ecoinnovations, agroecological top-notch technologies

The virtual expo continues

professional exhibitors from 10 fields of environmental protection and sustainability, eco-innovation and startup stands, green spaces, discount offers, B2B meetings on

Conferences and programmes

Don't leave! Take action against waste and "Clean up the country!"

Illegal waste disposal is a constant problem and a billion-dollar cost in Hungary every year, despite the fact that the regulatory framework for action against waste disposal and legal waste management has been in place for a long time. In order to get to know the real situation and explore the possibilities of treatment, the Association of Environmental Service Providers established the “Waste Disposal Working Group” back in 2019, which developed proposals for dealing with the topic.
Digitalisation in water management resources

The growing demand for clean drinking water and the associated increase in water
shortages are more and more encouraging municipalities, authorities, environmental
agencies and water utilities to be the best and most careful owners of their water

Reducing unbilled water loss, in time detection of pipeline leaks and cracks, real-time
monitoring of distribution network pressure and condition, intelligent monitoring of
surface water - These key topics are of interest for water professionals, and inspire
them to introduce smart solutions, new technologies, which haven’t been used in the
water industry sofar.
Wetskills Water Challenge

Wetskills Water Challenges concept is organized for international university students and young water professionals, participants from a variety of disciplines to seek answers to water challenges.This year's event will host a roundtable featuring the latest winner pitches and a discussion about the top water challenges and solutions.

The virtual expo continues

professional exhibitors from 10 fields of environmental protection and sustainability, eco-innovation and startup stands, green spaces, discount offers, B2B meetings on

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...you want to learn first-hand from ​verified speakers​ ​and​ ​exhibitors from the sector​ how to make your activity greener and more sustainable. At the ÖKOINDUSTRIA​, companies offering the smartest solutions to the current environmental challenges will present their products and technologies.
...you want to ​learn in one go everything you need​ to be able to keep up with the latest trends in waste management, water and wastewater treatment and noise control and air conservation.
...you want to build valuable professional relationships with the representatives of diverse organisations, companies and start-ups in the eco-industry. The virtual space offers unprecedented possibilities for networking (scroll down and you will see).
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Spectators can become active participants
at the online event

A state-of-the-art software will provide the perfect technological background, thus the virtual conference space will have plenty of experiences in store for you that a traditional, on-site expo could hardly offer.

Throughout the three days thematic roundtables, sessions will alternate meanwhile the virtual expo is open.

The cream of the events and presentations will be streamed and recorded by a professional team working at remote locations, and you will feel as if you enjoyed the show in person, from the first row.
You can easily connect to and ​exchange digital business cards​ with other participants and the speakers; moreover, you can participate in speed meetings with the help of the networking function.
You can ​ask the speakers questions live​, and they can immediately answer you.
While wandering around the virtual booths of our exhibitors, you can easily ​run into
innovative offers​
: strolling in an expo has never been so effortless and experiential.
If you are interested in​ only one presentation or conference​: you have the chance to focus on the issues related to your sector at our online event.
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Let’s continue, where
we left off in 2020!

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ÖKOINDUSTRIA 2021 International Environmental Industry Exhibition is organized and hosted by the Association of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers (KSZGYSZ). Our association is the domestic flag bearer of sustainability and the green industry.

The 250- member bringing together Association has been environmental players, companies, institutions and NGOs in the sector for 29 years.

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